sleeper effect_garage0002

sleeper effect_garage0004

sleeper effect_garage0006

sleeper effect_garage0007

sleeper effect_garage0008

sleeper effect_garage0011

sleeper effect_garage0012

sleeper effect_garage0013

sleeper effect_garage0016

sleeper effect_garage0017

sleeper effect_garage0020

sleeper effect_garage0021

sleeper effect_garage0022

sleeper effect_garage0024

sleeper effect_garage0025

sleeper effect_garage0027

sleeper effect_garage0029

sleeper effect_garage0030

sleeper effect_garage0031

sleeper effect_garage0033

sleeper effect_garage0035

sleeper effect_garage0037

sleeper effect_garage0038

sleeper effect_garage0039

sleeper effect_garage0041

sleeper effect_garage0043

sleeper effect_garage0045

sleeper effect_garage0046

sleeper effect_garage0047

sleeper effect_garage0049

sleeper effect_garage0052

sleeper effect_garage0054

Sleeper Effect at The Garage – London

42 pensieri su “Sleeper Effect at The Garage – London

    • Was about to make that point. “How not to be a photographer” turned out on “how to be freaking awesome”! 🙂 Great photos right there to prove it!

  1. I came here to see for myself, after reading an article that talked about the heat you’ve been taking, your approach to photography and its results; I think your work speaks for itself. Great pegs and stay strong!

  2. A friend of mine posted this on his facebook, I’m glad I checked it out. Normally I find band photography to be a bit boring but these are amazing! Each shot is so artistic and works as a stand-alone! I love it!

  3. Just saw a lot of the troll type comments, as a festival and gig photographer if the band like your style and want your pics you do it your way. You have a style that does stand out and you certainly have a lot of energy captured. Ignore the trolls and keep up the good work.

  4. Love your work!
    I do the same thing and am frequently contracted by bands to shoot with not only flash, but studio strobes at their concerts. Have patrons and videographers gotten upset. Sure, but they either didn’t know I’d been contracted OR were shooting video illegally to begin with.

  5. Ciao, a pelle e a colpo d’occhio le immagini mi sono piaciute subito, sono fatte con stile e non con il solito cliché che tante menti poco creative hanno.
    Mi pare di capire che ci sia anche un video in cui compari tu mentre scatti le foto, mi interesserebbe vederlo, giusto per imparare.
    Fammi sapere, e complimenti ancora.

  6. Your photos are awesome!!

    I read about some critics on you using flash and affecting audience. A little suggestion, you may take their photos during full costume rehearsal, they would still perform at their best, and audience wouldn’t be affected because it’s rehearsal.

    Keep it up!!

  7. Your style of shooting is creative and interesting. I’ve been shooting Electronic shows recently. The ambient light combined with a slow shutter speed and rear curtain make for some interesting photos.
    Your shooting style adds to the shot. You create the illusion of motion in the subject in several of your shots. Most photographers just capture the moment, you’re truly creating something that isn’t there.

    I think it’s awesome. Good luck to you.

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  9. They’re great photographs. The person who video’d you could learn a thing or two (asides from: turn the camera horizontal). Fuck the haters, stay strong, keep up the good work.

  10. You did the responsible thing by asking the band for permission to shoot, and explaining the process, that it might be a little more invasive than normal. They were ok with it, the audience should shut up and let you do your work. Great photos.

  11. Amazing images! From what ive read youve taken a lot of crap for how you went about taking them, but i think in most photographers opinions you were doing what it takes to get the look you desired. Plus, publicity is publicity. I would have never seen your work if it werent for all the heat youve gotten. Props to you and your awesome shots!


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